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Thursday, January 8, 2015

 Ride Recording artist, Steve Azar, who is nationally known for his hits like "I Don't Have To Be Me Til Monday," recently wrote a moving song that speaks to the topic of human trafficking. The song, The Sky is Falling, as well as the accompanying video, which was made by 18 year old, Mike Rodway, a student at Waynflete High School, was launched on Azar's Facebook page just this evening. This emotionally driven, yet hope-filled song will bring much needed awareness to this topic.
"Writing this song was quite difficult and it challenged me to the core," said Azar. "Human Trafficking is something we should all be aware of...hopefully I got it right. We need to turn those who have been led astray back to where there is love, hope, and life in their lives.”
One of the organizations that will benefit from the song and video is the Not Here Justice in Action Network, a grassroots nonprofit located in Auburn that is helping lead the fight against human trafficking. Auburn Police Chief, Phil Crowell said, “The title of the song is a true depiction of a victim of sex trafficking. In order for the cycle to be broken, the person being trafficked needs to have hope. As a community, we must stand ready to knock down the barriers of oppression and help the trafficked person in their journey to survival."
This issue will take center stage in Augusta on January 23rd when Governor Paul LePage will sign a proclamation declaring the week of January 29th as "Human Trafficking Awareness Week" in Maine.
View the video by clicking on the link below. To learn more about the Not Here Justice in Action organization, visit www.NotHere.me



Tuesday, December 30, 2014

 Meritorious Unit Commendation: Jan 2013 – Dec 2014

                Presented to the Criminal Investigation Division for recognition of superior performance and dedication to the Department and the citizens of Sanford. During this time the division closed numerous felony cases to include: four commercial robberies, serious child abuse, kidnapping, arson, significant burglaries and thefts, and three high-profile drug and money seizures. Members receiving these awards were as follows:

Det. Sgt. Matthew Jones, Det. Eric Small, Det. Chad Allen, Det. Sarah Howe, Det. John Flewelling, Det. Rick Bucklin


Chiefs Award: Dec 14. 2014

                Presented to Officer Everett Allen and Officer Eddie Murphy in recognition for life saving actions responding to a call for a possible suicide by drug overdose. CPR was performed on the unresponsive person until medical personnel arrived. Because of those action the person survived.


Chiefs Award: 2014

                Presented to Ofc. Joseph Jourdain in recognition for outstanding compassion, kindness, and empathy toward a disabled, homeless, citizen suffering from mental health issues. At his own expense providing food, clothing, and a wheelchair to this man. He also spent many hours attempting to find him a safe living environment, allowing him to maintain a level of dignity.


Chiefs Awards: 2013-2014

                Presented to Ofc. Jared Archambault in recognition of outstanding performance during the 2013-2014 years. During this time he arrested or summoned 368 people suspected of criminal activity to include a truly exceptional closure of a malicious mischief case where several victims had their property damaged.


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